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11 Oct 2023

JH joined the project in June 2023 with aspirations of entering the motor vehicle field. However, JH lacked a clear roadmap and was thus referred for support. Through dedicated participation in goal-setting sessions, CV reviews, and employability workshops, JH made significant progress.

During the goal-setting session, JH recognized the significance of personal growth and the importance of a supportive social circle, along with the necessity of obtaining secure accommodation. The identification of key areas for improvement provided a clear direction for JH and outlined areas of support required.

In order to prepare JH for the workforce, we scheduled a CV session. In this session, JH received guidance on CV formatting and received continuous support throughout the process. It was his first attempt at crafting a CV, and upon completion, he realized the need for his national insurance and identification documents.

We promptly arranged a session with JH to obtain these essential documents. JH was supported in obtaining his birth certificate and national insurance number. He is currently in the process of applying for his provisional license.

JH aspires to have his own car vetting business. He has created a website and plans to obtain work experience in the car industry and then enrol on an Enterprise course at Princes Trust when he turns 18.

As JH now has the necessary paperwork, he is now ready for work. He has taken the initiative to approach garages across Leicester, seeking work experience, and has actively been applying for positions.

In addition, JH has secured accommodation at Park Lodge, marking a significant milestone in his journey. His newfound confidence is a testament to his remarkable growth.

I have become independent since joining the VIP project. Things are looking in the right direction for me because Jenny has really helped me

JH 2023