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VIP E.C Journey to Apprenticeship

4 Jul 2023

I had my interview on Friday and I believe it went well. The mock interview session we had was helpful.

VIP Participant

In April 2023, E.C joined the VIP project with a strong desire to pursue an apprenticeship in carpentry after completing his GCSEs. E.C recognized the importance of achieving good grades to increase his chances of securing an apprenticeship. In the initial assessment, E.C received coping mechanisms on how to cope with stress as it relates to preparing for his GCSE’s.

E.C. actively engaged in goal setting and employability sessions. During his goal-setting session, E.C. identified areas for personal growth, including anger management and anxiety. With our guidance and support, E.C. developed a clear roadmap to address these challenges.

To prepare E.C. for the world of work, he recognised that it was important to improve his confidence in employability skills. E.C received guidance on how to format his CV and he was provided the necessary support throughout the process. Once E.C. completed his CV, we submitted it to our C.V. Clinic for review. The feedback he received proved incredibly valuable.

Motivated by the goal-setting session, E.C. took proactive measures to realize his aspirations. He intentionally contacted several carpentry businesses, and actively inquired about apprenticeship opportunities. He received a positive response and was offered an interview. In order to assist E.C in the preparation process, we conducted a mock interview session to help E.C. prepare for the interview. We discussed common interview questions, provided valuable tips, and encouraged him to research the company and prepare in advance of his interview.

E.C. showed determination and engagement throughout all the sessions. As a result, he successfully obtained an apprenticeship with Antone Disposal. He has now commenced a four-week work trial, thus making a significant step towards his desired career in construction.

E.C.'s journey with the VIP project showcases his commitment and drive to achieve his apprenticeship goal and life goals. Through goal-setting, employability sessions, and mock interviews, E.C. gained the necessary skills and confidence to pursue his career aspirations.

E.C. feels confident did well on his GCSE's. He has now secured an apprenticeship and commences a 4-week work trial on Monday

E.C’s Mother