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9 Jan 2024

C.L was referred to Leicestershire Cares for ETE support as a participant on the Phoenix programme aspiring to step into the construction industry despite lacking a clear roadmap.

Driven by a desire to change his life, C.L. not only recognized the importance of perseverance but also demonstrated a genuine commitment to personal improvement.

During a goal-setting session, C.L. openly discussed his past struggles, with the CSCS test, where he had faced setbacks due to a tendency to give up easily. During the goal session, C.L also identified the importance of saving and budgeting his finance.

C.L attended a construction site tour, and actively engaged with the surroundings, asking insightful questions. The experience motivated him to pursue a career in construction. The manager emphasized the importance of an updated CV and ID for CSCS completion, revealing C.L.’s initial lack of identification.

Recognizing the need to prepare C.L. comprehensively, a CV session was scheduled. This proactive step provided C.L with guidance on formatting and continuous support. Crafting his first CV marked a significant achievement. Simultaneously, efforts were made to obtain his identification, ensuring he met the requirements for further progress.

Identifying the importance of securing employment, we facilitated effective job searching sessions with C.L. This proactive approach equipped him with the skills to navigate the job market successfully.

Beyond scheduled sessions, C.L. demonstrated a proactive approach by actively working in his father's decorating business. This external engagement showcased his commitment to change and improvement, aligning with his broader goal of entering the construction industry.

C.L. not only gained practical experience but is also dedicated to studying for his theory test. His commitment to self-improvement, both within and outside formal sessions, reflects a transformative journey towards a promising future in the construction industry.

Thank you for the support. I have learnt a lot working for my Dad

C.L. 2023