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UP Project Case Study: NH

22 Jan 2021

NH was referred to the UP Project in October 2020. When referred he had very little work experience and a lack of confidence within himself. NH participated much to his initial disapproval in a 1:1 employability session with the UP Project and said, “it was nothing like I thought it would be, I thought it would drag but Siobhan gets stuff done so quick and explains things so easily” NH was supported to apply for several position in the coming weeks however was unsuccessful initially. This had a negative impact on NH who began believing he was not good enough.

I was applying for jobs every day and once a week with the UP Project, I had a new CV and felt confident if and when interviewed to disclose my conviction but wasn’t getting to interview stage. The UP-Project supported me to complete an application to Bradgate bakery, I had the interview and thought I would be offered the job 6 days later they offered it me I could not believe it. They know my past but still gave me a chance to prove that my past isn’t my future and is no longer who I am, I want to earn a proper wage legally. I can’t thank Siobhan enough for giving me the support I needed and keeping me feeling positive even when I wanted to give up.

NH - Dec 2020

Further to the employability session NH participated in the disclosure workshop facilitated by UP and feedback he had learnt things he had never previously considered such as the importance of disclosing and the reason for this, NH states it is important to disclose correctly not only to maintain a secure position with an employer but for your own self esteem to. He went on to state that it had given a fresh start to the world of work. Fast forward to December NH has secured A permanent warehouse operative role with one of our business members Samworth Brothers. He began working on the 7th December at Bradgate Bakery and is very much enjoying his new role. NH states he is excited to receive his first wage.

NH continue to remain open on the UP Project until the new year to ensure he is being supported with the transition from not working to working full time.

To find out more about the UP-Project and how to get involved, contact Siobhan Hirrell, UP-Project Development Officer,