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UP Project Case Study - LM

9 Sep 2021

LM joined the UP Project in May 2021. She is currently residing in temporary accommodation waiting to be moved to secure housing by the local council. LM had an upcoming sentencing when she first joined the UP Project but was still driven to achieve some positive outcomes. LM shared her wishes to want to work in the community care sector. LM shared that due to her offences she feels this would not be possible.

LM began engaging with MH on the project immediately and they scheduled in a careers talk session. LM completed this with MH and identified in this session, she would like to go back into education to study something which she was interested in and that would then lead to a career in. LM decided this was business.

LM and MH arranged an additional appointment where they would search for some colleges which offered this and then made an application to LM local college. LM engaged brilliantly throughout all her appointments and was always eager to engage. LM did not let her sentencing come in the way of her driven mindset and motivation to succeed and this paid off as LM successfully enrolled into college at the beginning of September 2021 for her business course.

Whilst being on the UP Project, I have managed to apply for a course and successfully enroll onto that course at college.
The UP Project has not only motivated me, they have worked closely with me so I can not only think about my short-term plans but also think about my future and how I can be successful in this.

LM has achieved so much already on the UP Project and is currently receiving support for budgeting and applying for bursaries now she has begun her course. The UP Project have loaned LM a laptop so that she is able to complete her college work until she is able to get one of her own and continue to support her with her housing until she is housed in secure accommodation.