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Cost of living advice for care leavers transitioning in to independence

27 Jan 2023

Thank you for your support it is really informative and identifies the support & advice provided and each YP’s engagement.

Farren Ferrao - Children's home Manager

During the sessions the group raised some concerns regarding Universal Credit (UC) and the regularity of appointments. This raised some concerns regarding their entitlement to claim benefits when in full time education as it was having a disruptive impact on ability to attend their studies. Due the the young peoples concerns we were able to clarify their entitlements with Leicester College and explain that due to having no parental support they would be entitled to claim UC whilst in non advanced full time education aged 21 and under.

There were also questions from the group regarding managing utility bills and standing charges that may be applied when moving in to their own properties. The young people were unaware of how standing charges worked so I felt that it was important for them to build a greater awareness and understanding of utility bills and the standing charges that would be added to their accounts

We were able to identify some key themes the group would need support with and create a pack that we could use moving forward to upskill the young people and help them plan their budgets once moving in to independent living.

The document covered: Cost of living advice

  • UC entitlements if in full time education
  • General help for households
  • Standing charge costs and queries for water, electricity, and gas
  • Useful links and resources

I echo Farren’s sentiments and would like to thank you for your great work.

Tony Graham, Children's Home Manager

We are continuing to work closely with Tatlow Road children's home and the young people supporting them in to education, training and employment alongside their transitions in to both semi and independent living.