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UP-Project Case Study - CP

10 Feb 2021

CP was referred to the UP-Project in October 2020 by NPS. CP had recently been released on license after a long-term custodial sentence. CP was studying at the time he was referred but was keen to obtain some employment, particularly within the construction industry.

CP attend the UP-Project employability workshop and successfully completed his CV. Further to this, he attended the UP-project disclosure workshop where he learned how to correctly disclose his convictions to potential employers. CP wrote an impressive disclosure letter and said:

Attending the disclosure workshop with the UP-Project helped me to understand the importance of disclosures and how to disclose correctly without over disclosing. It has given me the confidence to apply for jobs independently and manage the disclosure process positively.”

In December 2020, CP went on to sit his CSCS test. He initially failed by one mark but did not let this stop him from trying again. The UP-Project supported CP to retake the CSCS test and he passed with an impressive score of 49/50. CP the decided he wanted to further enhance his skills and qualifications and requested he be supported to obtain his Fire Marshall badge. CP successfully completed this in January 2021 and felt he was now more than ready for the world of work!

Job search support was given to CP and he applied for several roles within the construction industry. By the end of January 2021, CP had been offered a year-long contract with a construction firm local to his home. CP is doing really well, enjoying being productive and earning a salary.

“Since working with the UP-Project I have been able to secure my CSCS card and Fire Marshall badge which has enabled me to gain employment!

I have also been supported to obtain counselling with ‘Let’s Talk Well-being’ which has helped with my confidence and further to this been offered an excellent opportunity to work on the knife crime prevention project, which I am so grateful for as I feel I owe the community to try and help the upcoming youth as I know first-hand how hard it can be being steered towards the wrong path.

All of this help was given to me by Siobhan, who has been a huge help to me, and I cannot thank her enough! I would definitely recommend any other young person who is able to work with the UP-Project to do so. There is so much they are able to do to support you and if you work with them, they really can help to create a positive future regardless of your past!”

  • UP-Project Participant - 2021