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The Wire Project (WP) stands for Working In Rehabilitation & Employment. Leicestershire Cares, WIRE Project provides two weeks unpaid volunteered mentored work placements for ex-offenders in order to get them ready for work. We use local businesses who are willing to take placements. There are many types of work placements available including, IT, warehouse work, Fork lift truck, 7.5 ton drivers, HGV 1 & 2, food production, most areas of construction work, Engineering, admin, environmental services and maintaining parks and open green spaces, catering and customer services. This is subject to availability.

You will receive a reference from the Company and a Certificate of Achievement at the end of the placement. There are also many occasions when companies have gone on to offer permanent paid employment to the client.

Work Placements

The WP key objective is to reduce re-offending within Leicestershire & Rutland boarders. It does this by providing a two-week unpaid volunteered mentored work placement.

Main Benefits include:

  • Raise confidence
  • Self esteem
  • Improve employability skills
  • Certificate of achievement
  • Employers reference on headed paper
  • Working routine
  • Potential offer of employment (No guarantee)

Referrals can be made by the following organisations:

WP diagram.png

The client’s referral will be assessed by the WP manager who will be taking into account the following three criteria’s that must be met:

  • They must be motivated to work
  • They must not want to re-offend
  • There must be no drug or alcohol issues that impede their ability to work

Clients will then be invited to an informal interview with the WP Manager which will be based around the above three criteria’s above but will also include what type of work they are interested in being supported into.

One the interview has taken place the client will be invited to attend an employability workshop run by the WP Manager.

The WP Manager will then arrange an informal interview with the agreed suitable company. The WP Manger will pick the client up from their home address and take them to the interview. The WP Manager will sit in on the interview as an observer only.

If successful at the interview the client will be dropped off near their reporting Job Centre and given a copy of a letter to hand into their work coach. This letter authorises them to attend the work placement so it does not affect their benefits and they will also have the relevant travel expenses paid direct into their account. If they require some form of suitable clothing for office-based work placements a request to fund that will also be included. All other workwear will be provided by either the WP or the placement company.

On the first morning of the work placement the WP Manager will pick up the client from his home address and take him to the company and introduce him/her to the business mentor (who has been trained by the WP). The mentor will arrange for Health & Safety Induction and to provide support for the two weeks.

It is then the responsibility of the client to make their own way home and to report to work each day themselves by means of public transport or their own private transport.

Throughout the two weeks the client will receive two-three calls per week from the WP Manager as support and a visit at the place of work once per week.

At the end of the work placement their will be a debrief to include completed feedback forms and a reference provided by the employer if completed successfully.

Training and Funding

Fork Lift Truck Initiative: We offer a Fork Lift Truck (FLT) Licence to the appropriate clients (must be over 25), there will be more emphases placed on the client’s attitude & motivation subject to availability. This ran as a Pilot in 2015 over a 12-month period, seven out of eight gained full time employment. Process as Follows:

  1. Refer to the Wire Project through normal channels
  2. Week 1 & 2 - 2-week work placement in a warehouse to test motivation
  3. Week 3 - FLT Driver training & test (normally a 5 day course)
  4. Week 4 & 5 – 2 weeks FLT training experience with Colton Packaging (There will be an assessment on the first morning to ensure suitability).

CSCS Card: The Wire Project also offers CSCS card training (the minimum health & safety requirement to work on a construction site) which runs very similar to the above FLT package subject to availability as follows:

 Week 1 & 2- 2-week work placement to test motivation.

 Week 3- one day full days training at Keith Cook Training Limited to gain CSCS card

 Week 4 & 5- 2-week placement on construction site. Optional.

Further Training

Each client will have to attend an employability workshop ran by the WP Manager which is a 2hrs session which includes the following:

  • What to consider when completing an application form
  • Interview skills
  • Disclose of criminal record to an employer
  • Answering difficult questions
  • Employers expectation during a work placement etc

Employer mock interviews can be arranged if requested both in the community or in prison. There are opportunities for HGV 1 and HGV 2 training with funding, but this is subject to availability. You would need to check this with the WP Manager first.

Disclosure Guidance

Please see the following documents for guidance on disclosure

To find out more please contact Rudi Parra-Watson:

Email: | Phone: 0774 893 2386 | Referral Form: WIRE Project Referral From