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Welcome aboard Captain Counter’s Pirate ship, The Jolly Number!

19 Nov 2020

HRBS duo1.jpg.png

This November the Education team sent out a set of fun maths challenges - The Great Pirate Treasure Hunt - to the Primary schools who take part in our Number Partners project.

Since lockdown in March, our wonderful business members haven’t been able to volunteer in the schools and we wanted to offer some maths support for the children.

We’re very excited that Carla and Evan from Hinckley and Rugby Building Society, who usually volunteer at Manorfield Primary school, have donned pirate outfits and filmed a series of videos to accompany the challenges. These fun videos really bring the challenges to life and can be found on our Youtube channel.

Each challenge builds on the previous one, taking children on a journey on The Jolly Number, where they can test their code-cracking skills and problem-solving abilities.

In the last challenge, it’s a race against the pirates to find the location of the buried treasure using co-ordinates and lastly, the children get to practise their counting skills on the gold treasure!

The challenges are designed to boost the children’s confidence and fluency in maths, to develop their teamwork and turn-taking skills as well as their arithmetic and problem-solving skills.

We’re offering a set of new maths games to the winning school in a prize draw.

Time to set sail on board The Jolly Number, me hearrrrrties!!

pirate ship.png