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Volunteering - A Path to Employment

15 Nov 2020

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On Monday 9th of November, the YES Project delivered an online webinar exploring how volunteering can boost employability skills. As a result of the pandemic, applying for jobs has been harder for young people. However, this webinar was able to encourage our young people that volunteering can help build relevant skills they need for a future job or gain significant transferable skills.

The webinar also explored:

  • the flexibility in volunteering
  • different sectors that young people can volunteer in
  • the reasons to volunteer
  • soft and hard skills
  • where to find volunteering
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To build on the importance of volunteering to boost employability, feedback was gained from some of our business members who volunteer as part of their corporate social responsibility. They shared how volunteering has helped them in their current role and the skills they have gained, see below:

Volunteering has helped me be more confident and talk to people I don’t know naturally. It’s also improved my problem solving skills as you have to think outside the box when volunteering.

It has also given me opportunities at work which wouldn’t have been open to me if I hadn’t volunteered, for example presenting to our management team the benefits of volunteering and coordinating volunteering opportunities for others.

Organisation skills, time management, prioritisation, motivational skills, confidence, problem solving, leadership, teamwork to name but a few!

To end, we had questions for the young people to think about before committing to a voluntary role and what the application process could like.

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If you would like more information about the YES Project please contact for more information