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26 Jun 2020

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A few months ago Kieran, our CEO wrote an article about how business, community and local government could work together to create, wealthy, thriving, safe and inclusive communities. His article has taken on new life as people seek to learn from the community response to the pandemic. This article by Conservative PCC candidate Rupert Mathews quotes the article a lot and stresses the benefit of business, community and local government working in partnership.

The #TogetherWeCan approach has also seen Kieran and the team working closely with a range of local stakeholders such as Reaching People, De Monfort University and the city council to organise a series of consultative workshops that will seek to discover how business , community and the council could work together to tackle key issues as we transition out of the pandemic.

If we work together, respecting the strengths and variety of perspectives and lived experiences we all bring to the table we will be in a much better position to build a thriving ,wealthy and safe community where nobody is left behind.

Kieran Breen, CEO