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Together We Can: Business and community networks delivering for those left behind.

17 Dec 2019

For almost twenty years Leicestershire Cares has been connecting business and community to tackle poverty and exclusion. In 2017/18 we went through a consultative exercise with a wide range of our stakeholders in the community and business world and developed our #TogetherWeCan vision, mission and values.

In May 2018, this statement was signed off by over 100 delegates from the business community. As we enter 2020, our well-developed business and community networks are delivering a wide range of projects and programmes supporting young people, job seekers and community groups. At the heart of all we do is a belief that when people work together in respectful, transparent partnerships it leads to far more successful outcomes. Our current initiatives involve 1500 employee volunteers from a wide range of companies:

  • Supporting young people in schools to develop literacy, numeracy and employability skills
  • Supporting people young and old from disadvantaged background to find work.
  • Building links between the business community and care experience young people.
  • Strengthening the capacity of community groups and offering practical infrastructure support.
  • Supporting dialogue between a wide range of stakeholders and encouraging young people to share their lived experience with key decision makers so services can be improved.

We are in the process of developing this work even further and looking at how we can develop a “wealth creation” approach to community development where business, community and local government work together to create a safe and inclusive community.

If you want to get involved email and check out our newsfeed to get a flavour of the work our business and community networks deliver.