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Telling the stories they want heard about their lives.

14 May 2020

Taking Hold of our Heritage is a project that aims to address those words and sentiments above. This project wants to give the power back to the care experienced young person so they can tell the stories they want heard about their lives.

This heritage project will work with young people to investigate the complex nature of the identity of care leavers, producing an archive of artefacts including oral histories, photography and photovoice. The young people will investigate the memories and experiences of Leicestershire’s leaving care community, by looking at themselves, but also visiting and interviewing and documenting care experience young people.

The Taking Hold Our Heritage project is funded through the Y Heritage project, Leicester, which is part of the Heritage Lottery Fund’s pioneering "Kick the Dust” funding programme.


We have two young people working alongside Leicestershire Cares staff on this project as apprentices.

The young people play a key role in developing and delivering the project and are gaining skills as co-facilitators, peer researchers and communication professionals. We have worked closely with them to identify their skills and the areas that they wish to improve and develop.

We place a safe amount of responsibly on them and try and put them out of their comfort zone, while supporting them to achieve their potential.

Taking Hold of Our Heritage Apprentice Lauren

Lauren is one of our apprentices working on the Taking hold of Our Heritage project. Lauren provides support in researching venues for the exhibition planned for the end of the project, coming up with ideas of activities that we can deliver to young people to help them create heritage artefacts and joins in with our weekly team meetings and supervisions.

Lauren is from the YMCA Y Heritage project and joined our heritage project in January. She has a passion for photography and journalism which she is hoping to utilise during the project.

As well as working on the Taking Hold of Our Heritage project, Lauren has taking part in several training sessions that Leicestershire Cares deliver to young people on other projects, including life skill workshops such as money management, mental health well-being and anti-hate.

Activities we have been using to explore care experienced heritage

Playing Cards

We have created a pack of playing cards that have questions on each card. The questions get the reader to ponder past experiences and positive memories. We have found that these cards are a great way to engage young people in conversation about their identity and heritage. The cards have been used with unnacompained asylum seeking minors and refugees at the Freedom Club.

“Barcelona is my team. I used to watch them in Gahan, outside the national radio station's building. They project matches up on a big wall. I used to go there with my friend Manler (Mike). Since I have come to the UK I haven’t spoken to Manler. I don’t have a phone, and he has moved to boarding school so I don’t know his address to send him a letter. He doesn’t know I am in the UK.”


We have used photovoice as a method to help young people reflect on their personal history. Photovoice utilises photographs taken and selected by participants, respondents can reflect upon and explore the reasons, emotions and experiences that have guided their chosen images.

“When I was in care I’d escape to nature. It would chill me out, help me change my mindset at that moment. Remove me from the thoughts I’d have if I was inside at my placement.”

Spoken Words

We are using spoken word and poetry workshops to explore care experienced heritage with our participants. Theses sessions are being lead by Ty'rone Haughton, a spoken word artist.

Here’s an example of some of the work that is coming out of the spoken word workshops:

I am from a place where families have been torn apart!
I am from a place where my favourite season brings frost to your fingers!
I am from a place where pain disappears with the first cry of a new life!
I am from a place where I find solidarity in the night prayers!
I am from a place where pain is associate with love!
I am from a place where fish is the dish of the day!

Social Media Campaign

We have been experimenting with ways of using social media to help young people with care experience tell the stories they want heard about their heritage

The quote reads “Let everything happen: beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final” - Rainer Maria Rilke

The idea behind it was that the flower and tree grew from the woman that represents myself (forgot my red ink is a very pink colour so settled on multicolour hair instead haha). That is why the tree and flower match the hair’s colours. They represent growth and also that there had to be roots for them both to grow. Those roots came from myself so that, in a way, I have made my own heritage. A persons roots generally refer to previous family members and their culture which is how I made that link if that makes sense? The quote I have used is something I have decided to live by as I often live too much in fear of that ‘terror’ happening.

The timeline of the project

The project will start in January 2020, with the exhibition in October 2020.

The Taking Hold Our Heritage project is funded through the Y Heritage project, Leicester, which is part of the Heritage Lottery Fund’s pioneering "Kick the Dust” funding programme.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Taking Hold of Our Heritage project, please contact Jacob:

T: 0116 464 5215

M: 07738 403 732

Find out more about the work we do withcare experience young people

Y Heritage

The Y has been awarded £707,500 through the Heritage Lottery Fund’s pioneering “Kick the Dust” funding programme. This will fund our project “Y Heritage”, which will be a collaboration between The Y, key civic partners such as our universities and local authorities, and the city and county’s wide and brilliant variety of heritage, cultural and creative organisations. The money will be used to better engage young people with heritage across both city and county.

Y Heritage will run a series of “Dragons Den” style pitches over three years where Leicester/Leicestershire based organisations can apply for funding up to £30,000 from a panel of young people. The young people all engage in some way with The Y. The organisations must build opportunities for work or training into their project funding application. Our aim is that our young people and the heritage projects develop and thrive together – it really is a win win opportunity!

With thanks to National Lottery Players for their support, without them projects such as Y Heritage could not happen.