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Prayer and Cake

24 Jun 2019

We are far more united and have far more in common, than that which divides us.

Jo Cox

On Friday the 21st of June, The City Retreat hosted an event to remember Jo Cox and her legacy. Jo was a tireless human rights champion, both at home and abroad, she campaigned for women’s rights, the rights of refugees around the world and the celebration of equality and diversity – all ideas central to the fundamental human rights we hold.

MP Jonathan Ashworth and Sheikh Shafi; resident Imam at The City Retreat both shared their hopes, dreams and aspirations for Leicester city as a place of unity, togetherness and a beacon of hope. In Leicester we have a society where there is diversity and richness of communities living and working alongside each other.

Raheema Caratella – Community Development Coordinator at Leicestershire Cares hosted the event to show our commitment to our ethos of working together to achieve success.

“I am proud to say we have had two teams from Joules and Cambridge and Counties Bank take part in team challenges at The City Retreat – their support has been invaluable allowing a welcoming space to host events like this.”

In toal, £85 was raised for the Jo Cox foundation to enable her message of peace and love to spread further.

If you would like further information regarding how your business can support local community projects, please get in contact with Raheema.

Tree of hope