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Join us for two webinars this August

30 Jul 2020

We are excited to announce two webinars we are organising to support young people with interview skills and job searching on LinkedIn. The current job climate for young people is ever changing and unpredictable since the outbreak of Covid-19. Therefore, we hope these webinars provide our young people with a variety of tips that will better equip them to secure a job.

Both webinars will be conducted on Zoom, if you would like to join please email

The first webinar will be on ‘Using LinkedIn for your job search’ with Ellis Di Cataldo, Social Media and Content Manager from Rock Kitchen Harris. In this webinar we will be explore:

  • Briefly what is LinkedIn and why it is useful to have a profile
  • How to build a strong profile
  • How to build strong online connections
  • Social media etiquette
  • Any questions you have
Using LinkedIn for your job search.png

The second webinar will be on ‘Getting to grips with interviews’ with Rob Allen, HR Manager from Everards. In this webinar we will explore:

  • The types of interviews
  • How to prepare and answers questions well
  • His own experiences of interviews, tips and advice
  • How Covid-19 has impacted recruitment
  • Any questions you have
Getting to grips with interviews.png

If you are interested in attending please email Simran Basi, YES Project Development Officer,