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Interview Technique

8 Apr 2019

It was a pleasure to hold our latest interview technique event at The Madani Schools Federation where 120 students were given mock interviews by our business volunteers.

Due to the collaborative commitment of the school, our business volunteers and the students, the event was very successful. See some of the feedback we received from the students and volunteers below.

Business Volunteers

‘I enjoyed this morning and certainly took some experience away myself, and hopefully helped the students too. I think there was a good standard of interviewees today and it was interesting to see the world through their eyes so to speak.’

‘I have to thank the school for making me feel so welcome and valued, I was very positively impressed.’

Student Comments

‘She helped me to understand and give me an idea of how an interview was’

‘I will definitely be more confident at answering questions in my next interview’

‘I will tell my friends to relax and just be yourself. Talk to the interviewer like you are talking to a friend’

School comment

‘The Interview Techniques was a great experience to put students out of their comfort zone and prepare them for their work experience interviews which are soon. Well organised and great caliber of volunteers.. thank you!’

If you would like to get involved with an Interview Technique event as a business volunteer or hold an event at your school please contact Helen Treadwell.