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The impact of volunteering

22 Jun 2020

At Leicestershire Cares, one of our projects that we enjoy delivering is the Go For Reading Project. This project encourages and inspires year 7 pupils to read. One of our colleagues Keisha Coggins was attending Moat Community College for an hour every Tuesday afternoon to help the students with their reading. All students that Keisha worked with had English as their second language (EAL) and all were lacking in confidence. Alongside another volunteer from CloudCall, Keisha has been able to increase the reading ages of all the students as well as supporting the building of their confidence and instilling in them a love for reading. She has been really creative in finding fun ways to engage the students with reading and is always looking for ways she can improve as a Go for Reading volunteer. Here is a quote from the school.

The project has been a great success, Keisha introduced [wordsearches] as a way of consolidating vocabulary. The Students always enjoy taking part because of the dynamic volunteers.

Moat Community College

Being a Go For Reading Volunteer was always a highlight of my week. I enjoyed attending each week and seeing the new books the pupils were reading and how they developed over the weeks.

Go For Reading Volunteer