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Impact for change

14 Feb 2019

Kieran Breen’s article on why the care system is failing young people and how it can be fixed is getting a lot of attention.

Surrey university are using it to trigger discussion amongst students, Exchange Wales have posted it on their website, see below.

Lemn Sissay MBE whose recent documentary “Superkids: Breaking Away From Care (2018)” shone a moving and inspirational light on the issues facing young people who have grown up in care described the article as:

“beautiful, balanced and absolutely nails it. Rare piece”

This feedback from care experiences people was very moving and shows why action is needed:

"Spot on Kieran..made me cry...we\were are not is about love and support...throughout the good and bad times....consistency...knowing someone's gonna be there always...advocate for the best in us ....trials and failures...the whole system needs to change...patience is so important allowing us to make mistakes staying with us throughout..and yes fostering is a business for some should be a life time guarantee with regular support for the family...unconditional love is so important....truth is I wouldn't be who I am if it wasn't for the good kind loving people I met along the way...that stuck there neck out went against the system...and loved be from a distance within the confinement s of their role...well done...!"

"Totally agree with both of you, support should be tailored for individual needs but treated equally which will show the young person self-respect, each young person should feel they are valued and their idea also valued, young people and children need to feel safe. Getting support workers to stay is also important for the growth in confidence of the child or young person. So true the services are old it needs to change and be consistent with today’s environment , love and feeling wanted does play a big part and it’s ok not to succeed the first time round but someone needs to be there to help and pick the child or young person up so they can try again. Money does play a part but commitment is vital. Children and young people should feel a part of the community."

For more information on the work we do with care experienced young people click here.

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