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How Businesses Can Support Young People Looking For Work

2 Jun 2021

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On the YES Project, we have created a new steering group made up of our business volunteers who will support the growth and development of the project. The steering group is made up volunteers from Rock Kitchen Harris, Knights plc, Hinckley & Rugby Building Society and Llyods Banking Group.

The group met for the second time last week to discuss;

  • What the workplace might look like as restrictions ease and how to prepare young people
  • New ways businesses can work together and the challenges that can sometimes arise
  • Can we change employer perspectives about young people?

We identified new ways to work together such as delivering Team Challenges with both young people and business`s. Steering group members welcomed the idea of working closely with young people and interacting with them. Llyods Banking group had also suggested that the project can get involved with their fundraising projects to help young people gain employability skills. Members also suggested running a mentoring programme to further support young people looking for work.

We were also given an insight into how businesses recruit and the project was advised to help young people identify the value they can bring to the role at the get go!

Thank you to our lovely volunteers for a great discussion!