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Having their voices heard: Care Day 2020

24 Feb 2020

For Care Day 2020, Leicestershire Cares handed our Twitter account over to our young people to so they could host a lunchtime Q&A where people could ask them questions about what it is like to be care experienced.

You can follow the Q&A below.

Less corporate, more parent

Digital exclusion

Positive impact

The wider Care family and friends

Common bond


Care leavers and employment

Taught us what NOT TO BE

Care leavers and Education

Honest, positive and inspirational

The young people found the experience of answering questions about their experience, empowering and cathartic. The bite size form of twitter allowed the young people to skip from topic to topic and enable them to feel that they were able to share their wide and diverse lives as care leavers.

You can follow more of the reaction to the Twitter Q&A by following: #CareDay2020 #LCCETalk

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