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Green action plan 2020-2030

7 May 2020

We have just published our green action plan for 2020-2030.

Leicestershire Cares takes its responsibility for the environment seriously and understands the need to respond to the challenges we face globally around issues such as climate change, human health and water and food security.

We are committed to acting in a responsible and sustainable way that will maximise our positive impact, while minimising our negative impact, on the environment in which we are based. This is reflected in our values where it states that we focus on impact, ensuring the work we do delivers meaningful and long-lasting positive change and are agile enough to adapt and improve the services we offer to meet the needs of community.

Reducing our environmental impact is also of growing importance to range of our stakeholders including:

  • Current staff members
  • Current and prospective business members
  • Community groups and organisations
  • Current and prospective project participants

This action plan aims to mainstream climate change awareness across practice and operation, including all staff and stakeholders, encouraging them to reduce their environmental impact. The second aim of this action plan is to reduce our operational carbon footprint by 30% by 2030 to align with UK government plans and targets. The actions listed in this plan and their success measures will be reviewed and updated on a regular basis. Click here to read full plan.