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Getting to Grips with Interviews Webinar

20 Aug 2020

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This week we ran our second employability webinar of the month. The topic of this webinar was Getting to Grips with Interviews, this was delivered by Rob Allen who is the Head of HR at Everards. He gave us a thorough run through of how to prepare for an interview.

Rob guided us through the different types of interviews that a young person could experience and what each process involved. He explained that the interview process is two-way – the company trying to sell their business to the interviewee and the interviewee selling themselves to the interviewer.

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Rob gave tips on what to ask in an interview and the importance of showing who we are to the interviewers, as they want to know more about the individuals they are hiring.

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Our young people were able to receive lots of tips on how best to prepare for an interview whilst having all their questions answered at the end.

Thank you Rob for providing a great run through on getting to grips with interviews.

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