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Fast fashion, sweatshops and modern slavery

27 Jul 2020


We have all been appalled by stories in the media about sweatshops thriving in Leicester city. Sadly, these allegations have been around for years and our CEO Kieran Breen , has written this article about the issue, where he try’s to explain, why it happens what prevents it being dealt with and what action could be taken. In it he suggests

“If we stopped to think, we would work out outfits for a fiver are not made without someone being badly ripped off.”

“We could be innovative and connect the skills and expertise of the workers we liberate with the expertise of the many honest textile factory owners in our city to build a textile industry, that pioneers sustainable practice and worker participation. From the ashes of this shame we could build a standard bearer of locally owned business, which benefits the community and shows to the world what a united Leicester can achieve.”

“The PR and goodwill surrounding such an enterprise and its connections with the Green New Deal ethos of our post pandemic times could make it a winner. Imagine Leicester City running out onto the pitch in shirts made from a local ethical supplier.”

Since the article has come out it has generated a lot of interest and we are seeking to work in partnership with a range of local stakeholders from the council, business and community to bring about change.

Link to article: