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Do you need help with digital skills?

8 Jul 2021

With the school closures and missed school through self-isolation since the start of the pandemic, many children have fallen behind, especially those who haven’t been able to access digital support – laptops, computers and devices. We’ve pulled together some resources that we hope will be useful for parents and carers to help their children catch up over the summer.

Download the information sheet here: Digital divide info sheet for parents and carers.pdf

What is the digital divide?

The digital divide is the gap between people in society who have full access to digital technologies and those who do not. Concerns about the digital divide have been particularly acute during the Covid-19 pandemic as the internet and digital devices have played an important role in allowing people to access services, attend medical appointments and stay in touch with friends and family.

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You can also read an article here that shows other activities Leicestershire Cares have been doing to try to bridge the digital divide:

Bridging the digital divide. | Leicestershire Cares

No-one should be disadvantaged by not being able to access digital technologies.