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Disclosure Guide from the WIRE and UP Projects

15 Jun 2020

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WIRE and UP continue to deliver employability support online throughout the pandemic, and have recently created a guide and resource pack to help people better understand how to disclose their cautions and convictions.

A lot of participants on both the WIRE and UP projects have said they lack confidence when disclosing to employers and are not entirely clear on how much they need to share about their previous convictions.

For people who have been involved in the criminal justice system, this can be quite a daunting experience. Having to re-live and explain some of the biggest mistakes of your life, to a person you have never met before, can most certainly be a challenge.

Understanding what you need to disclose can be complicated, and this is largely down to a variety of factors such as the number of offences, the conditions, and duration of a conviction, which will differ for everyone. Knowing whether your conviction is spent or unspent, can be difficult to calculate.

We are hoping that the information and resources we have put together, will help you feel more prepared, without over or under-disclosing, as both can have implications. For example, failing to disclose a conviction can be crime itself and can lead to prosecution. Whereas if you over-disclose, you may have just talked yourself out of a job, by giving too much information to an employer, that legally you didn’t need to disclose!

For more information on disclosures, download our Disclosure Guide | The WIRE and UP Projects Disclosure Guide

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