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Creativity, agility, kindness and empathy

17 Nov 2020

At Leicestershire Cares we have been reflecting on our learning over the lockdown period and have come up with a simple framework that we believe enables organisations to facilitate change. In this article that our CEO Kieran, wrote for Compass, he stresses the importance of creativity, agility, kindness and empathy within organisational culture and steps we can take to encourage this.

We have reached a critical tipping point and a consensus that change is needed. If our leaders show courage and embrace creativity, agility, kindness and empathy as a way of guiding us through the next year then we really could build a better, fairer, greener and more just society for all.

As an organisation we continue to work in partnership with community, local government and business to ensure nobody is left behind. Crucial to this is the willingness of all stakeholders to build trust and understanding and to consider new ways of working. We are very pleased to be working with the city council, looking at how we can build on the experiences of the pandemic and develop closer and more effective community, business and council partnerships.

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