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Community In Action Podcast

25 Feb 2021


This first episode is about questions and answers in Somali to some of the common misconceptions regarding Covid19 vaccine myths in the Somali community in partnership with Dr Samira.

Through the Action Research project, we have identified that vast majority of our diverse communities in Leicester are Covid19 vaccine hesitant due to the misconception and myths that are flying around.

In order to educate and inform the communities with the correct information and to tackle language barriers, we have partnered up with local doctors who is the trusted voices within their community to create myth busting podcast in varies languages.

During, the second week after the release of the podcast we had great feedback and comments from individuals in the community and community groups through various platforms on social media.

Within the first week of launching the podcast, we have had over one hundred downloads on a global scale in countries like Somali, USE, Poland, Sweden, Australia and many others.

You can listen to the Interview with ZamZam and Dr Samira on BBC radio Leicester on.

The podcast has also been picked up by the attention of the BBC radio station and we were invited to talk about the reason behind the podcast and how it has been received.

This project is possible due to the generous support of the RANK foundation as part of their Time to Shine leadership program.

For more information about our Community In Action Podcast and how to get involved contact