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Community in Action launch

18 Jan 2021

ZamZam Y (1).jpg

Leicestershire cares have launched an exciting new action research project, which seeks to learn from the rich cultural diversity of Leicester, Leicestershire, and Rutland. Our goal is to further our understanding of the needs faced by BAME community groups, so we are better able to support them and strengthen their capacity to deliver essential support and services. Our goal is to add value and strengthen not to replicate.

This project is possible due to the generous support of the RANK foundation as part of their Time to Shine leadership program. Our Action Research officer, ZamZam Yusuf will be seeking to meet as many groups as possible over the next few months. We, therefore, would warmly invite key stakeholders and community groups to take part in our mapping and primary research to identify key needs. We look forward to working with and learning from you.

Contact details:

ZamZam Yusuf, Time to Shine: Action Research Officer,

Neetu Squire, Head of Community Development,