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Book review: Poverty (second edition) Ruth Lister

28 Jan 2021

The last year has firmly put poverty back on the political agenda. As the pandemic and lockdown swept across the UK it was abundantly clear, that whilst we might all be in the same sea, we had very different boats. Which is why the second edition of this comprehensive and essential book on poverty is so welcome.

At the core of this book is the “growing demand for poverty to be understood as powerlessness and a denial of fundamental rights and for the voices of those in poverty to be heard in public debates”. With great skill, Lister, takes the reader through definitions and measures of poverty, examines inequality, social divisions and the differential experience of poverty in an accessible and authoritative way.

For anyone who has an interest in understanding and tackling poverty be they a community worker, social worker, youth worker, think tank policy worker, academic, local councillor or MP, this is an essential, comprehensive and rewarding read. I highly recommend that, along with putting regular shifts in at your local food bank, you find the time to purchase a copy and read it.

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