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Black Voices

25 Jun 2020

As we reflect on the powerful messages coming out of the #BlackLivesMatters movement we are keen to listen to Black voices. Here are some links to people we think it is worth listening to


Micheala Coel

Gives a funny, uplifting and truthful lecture about her journey from inner city council estate to Bafta award winning actor and Director.

george the poet.jpg
dr Pragya.jpg

Pragya Argawal

Podcast with RSA where she discusses her new book looking at bias


Bim Afolami

Podcast Where Tory MP Bim discusses how UK moves on from pandemic

Nimco ali.jpg

Nimco Ali

Interview where she shares her journey from refugee to political activist.

There is variety of opinions in the above, we do not agree with all of them but it is important we listen learn, encourage, support and change who gets to supply the narratives that shape our take on UK today.