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The UP-Project Case Study: SG

23 Mar 2021

SG joined the UP-Project in November 2020 after being referred by Leicester Youth and Justice. Upon joining the UP-Project SG was not in education, training or employment. SG required support with mental health, meeting new people, getting into education, training or employment and the disclosure procedure.

SG made positive progress towards her goals enrolling onto a multi-trade construction course and attending the UP-Project disclosure workshop. Alongside working towards passing her construction course SG secured her own accommodation and received a buttle grant for £2000 towards study, personal and housing goods

Upon referring to the UP Project, I was feeling low with pretty much everything. I wasn’t happy and was going though a lot of things on my own. When I began working with the UP Project, I was nervous that it was going to be another person on my case that don’t even see how I feel. I was wrong. They took time to understand and if they couldn’t they asked more questions to understand more and see if there was anything they could do.


One thing SG struggled with through COVID lockdowns was having to go into college to complete work which she needed to catch up on due to her laptop not working. The UP-Project managed to secure SG a laptop to continue her studies and not fall behind! SG also managed to gain all of her construction clothing and is now ready to excel within her course.

SG upon being referred to the UP-Project did not have her own accommodation and was staying with family, SG now has her own place and has had two household appliances granted and delivered by AO. SG has come such a long way from when she first joined the UP-Project in a lot of aspects! SG is now in education and training, has her own accommodation and is successfully completing her course positively preparing herself for the world of work with all the resources she needs to do so!

The whole time on the UP Project, I actually felt like it was about me and for me to benefit from. They helped me pass hard times and laughed with me about the good times. It was clear they didn’t just want to get to know me, but they wanted me to get to know them. Siobhan spoke about things that wasn’t just about me, making me understand the reason to wanting to help me.


To find out more about the UP-Project and how to get involved, please contact Siobhan Hirrell UP-Project Manager at: