We support homeless people living in hostels or sofa surfing to break the cycle of ‘no job, no home, no home no job’ in a variety of work placements, but if they are not ready for this, we help them to get the education or training they need to move on.

“I got the job! Can’t thank you enough, I wouldn’t have got it without you. Thanks for the belief you showed when some others gave up on me. I start next week, cant wait! It feels so good, thanks a lot”

Ron P

“When you found me a placement it was the first time I had been in a work environment for nearly a year and a half and that really made me see that all was not lost and employment was a distinct possibility.

You found me exactly the right sort of placement with a friendly and encouraging mentor and that gave me the faith to start seeking employment, filling in job applications, going to interviews etc.

I believe that Leicestershire Cares provides a vital lifeline for those that want to move forward with their lives and you give them the opportunity to do this. You make it possible for the individuals that want it and I hope you continue to do this and grow from strength to strength”

Chris F

“Thanks for all the help you and Leicestershire Cares have given me over the last few months, you are the best “buddies” someone in my position could have!”


If you are concerned about someone who may be sleeping rough, or need general advice about homelessness, you can contact StreetLink here.