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Leicestershire cares: Together we can.

Our vision.

An inclusive and safe Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland where nobody is left behind, and all children and young people are supported to reach their full potential.

Our mission

We broker partnerships and create opportunities across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland that enable the business sector to understand community needs, contribute to the growth of inclusive, safe communities and to support and inspire children and young people in their transition to the workplace.

Our values.

We believe in partnership.

We broker partnerships between business, local government, schools and community groups so they can share skills and knowledge to deliver lasting positive change for disadvantaged groups and individuals.

We believe in the power of employee volunteering.

We believe that employee volunteering enables volunteers, community groups and individuals to develop skills and understanding and is a highly effective way of strengthening communities and increasing employee engagement.

We focus on impact.

We focus on impact and ensuring the work we carry out delivers meaningful and lasting positive change.

We are inspiring.

We inspire people and orginisations to identify their aspirations and to reach their full potential by thinking creatively and testing innovative approaches.

We are Inclusive.

We seek to learn from the rich cultural diversity of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland and to build cohesion across community groups and to remove barriers to people’s participation.

We are committed to learning and development.

We continually review the community need and are agile enough to adapt and improve the services we offer to work in a mutually beneficial way with relevant organisations.

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