Children who are care leavers have the worst outcomes in life of any group. The majority leave school with no qualifications and are at greater risk of becoming homeless, offenders or teenage parents. The Flying Fish project supports young people on to the next steps in life by opening their eyes to the possibilities in the world of work, through company tours, talks and mentored work placements.

“Sarah is absolutely brilliant. She is an observant, assertive young woman. Sarah shows that the end product proved the point of Flying Fish. It was nice for someone to come in and want to learn, to do something because she wants to not because she has to. It just goes to show you should not be judgemental because Sarah was different to what everybody expected.”

Helen Smith at Weightmans

“Flying Fish has helped me build confidence and an understanding of where I want my future to be. I am ready to leave care and become independent. I see the world differently now and feel I have matured thanks to all the help I have been given”

Anisa F.