Designed to give ex-offenders a second chance in life, our WIRE Project supports clients on two week mentored work placements where the offenders are supported by mentors who are trained employee volunteers from within the company.

At the end of the placement, the client receives a certificate and a reference which is often a passport to employment. The project raises their self-esteem and confidence and gives them the belief that they are employable.

“I spent two weeks at Twycross Zoo on a work placement which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I am so grateful to Leicestershire Cares and Twycross Zoo for giving me the chance when no one else would help me”

Neal C

“I did a two week work placement at Bardon Aggregate industries at a time when my confidence and self esteem was at an all time low and no one wanted to help me. Thanks to Leicestershire Cares and Bardon Aggregate Industries I feel confident that I can go out there and find work”

Dominic W

“Thanks to Colton Packaging and Leicestershire Cares I was able to gain experience as a fork lift driver and gain a good reference to show that I was competent as a fork lift driver when no one would give me a chance because of my record and lack of experience. They have now given me the confidence I needed to move forward”

Scott R