Volunteers’ food share dig echoes history

Volunteers from truck dealer Ford & Slater helped recreate history when they prepared a vegetable plot for the Braunstone Foodshare scheme last week.


The area at Yennards Farm was the site for a community food system in the early 1850s when surplus crops from the fields were donated to the poor of Leicester city.


The team of 14 Ford & Slater employees prepared a field at Yennards Farm for planting fresh vegetables that will go into ‘stew packs’ for local families and individuals.


The Braunstone Foodshare scheme is supported by B-inspired’s b-connected team. The scheme provides food bags to approximately 80 residents and families each week throughout the year.


“People come to the Food Share Scheme for a variety of reasons: perhaps having been made redundant, or on limited or zero hour contracts, or perhaps they have been sanctioned through no fault of their own or simply struggling to put food on the table – it just makes their money go that little bit further.


“The Braunstone Foodshare is affiliated with Leicestershire Fairshare and receives weekly deliveries of canned food and dried goods. Having regular fresh vegetables to distribute is on our wish list so we thought we would grow our own. There is no doubt that the vegetables we plan to grow will help make a real difference – you can’t beat fresh produce.


“Once grown, our aim is to encourage people to use fresh vegetables, starting with ‘cook and eat’ sessions, favourite recipes and stew pack ingredients in each bag and see where that leads – perhaps with trying to grow their own next season”.


Anne Short, b-connected service manager


“This is such a worthwhile cause that we couldn’t resist taking up this Challenge and although it was probably one of the hardest we have undertaken everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.


“Our team worked tirelessly and managed to clear and dig a substantial area. We were also able to plant some root vegetables and we have been invited to help with their harvest later in the year”.


Jackie Penney, team leader of the Challenge and winner of this year’s Leicestershire Cares Volunteer of the Year award

Team Pic

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