A new survey by social platform Neighbourly (November 2017) has found that employee volunteering is the route to a happier workplace. The survey, carried out by an independent research company with 2,000 people across the UK, found that employees who have volunteered with their company are 13% happier than those who have not.

Neighbourly commissioned the survey to gain greater understanding of the attitudes around happy, healthy communities and the value of volunteering, with a number of questions addressing employee volunteering and happiness. A happier workforce brings a number of bottom line benefits to a business, including better staff attraction and retention; improved cost savings thanks to lower staff turnover and a reduction in lost wages; as well as a positive culture and an improvement in productivity.

The survey also found that employees who volunteer are 15% more satisfied with their lives, and that they are also 15% more likely to recommend the company they work for, helping to support the recruitment of top talent. The benefits of a happier workforce are backed up by research by other bodies.

The University of Warwick found that being happy made people 12% more productive, whilst a CAP study found that replacing an employee costs approximately 20% of their annual salary. In addition, the Centre for Mental Health has just released updated figures for the estimated cost of mental health problems to employers which now equates to around £1,300 per employee.

With 75% of millennials considering the potential to contribute to society when choosing an employer, the possibilities for employee volunteering are huge. As well as supporting their local communities, 85% of businesses find volunteering advances talent as part of the learning and development strategy.


Kieran Breen, Chief Executive of Leicestershire Cares comments “Being a member of our Charity and working with us to support local communities enhances your workplace volunteering even further. We make your involvement even more cost effective as we raise 3 additional pounds for every pound you donate. Using our knowledge, expertise and contacts, built up over the last 15 years, we ensure that your experience is valued, targeted and has measurable and long-lasting impact. Leicestershire Cares makes connecting with your community efficient, seamless and with a wide reach.”


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