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Job Description

Job Title: Head of Children and Young People’s (CYP) team

Job Purpose: To inspire, lead, manage and coordinate Leicestershire Cares CYP team to develop, deliver, evaluate and win funding for high quality high impact programmes and projects.

Reports to: CEO.

Based Leicester city centre £30K to 35K plus pension and generous holidays.

Given the nature of this post an enhanced DBS check will be carried out.

Email recruitment@leicestershirecares.co.uk with your CV and Covering Letter to apply.

Closing date 3rd October 2018. Interviews will take place on Thursday 12th October 2018

We are an equal opportunities employer and welcome applications from all sectors of the community.




Leicestershire cares is an award winning, vibrant, creative and results orientated charity that has been operating, across Leicestershire for fifteen years.

Our vision

An inclusive and safe Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland where nobody is left behind, and all children and young people are supported to reach their full potential.

Our mission.

We broker partnerships and create opportunities across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland that enable the business sector to understand community needs, contribute to the growth of inclusive, safe communities and to support and inspire children and young people in their transition to the workplace.

Our values

We believe in partnership

We broker partnerships between business, local government, schools and community groups so they can share skills and knowledge to deliver lasting positive change for disadvantaged groups and individuals.

We believe in the power of employee volunteering

We believe that employee volunteering enables volunteers, community groups and individuals to develop skills and understanding and is a highly effective way of strengthening communities and increasing employee engagement.

We focus on impact

We focus on impact and ensuring the work we carry out delivers meaningful and lasting positive change.

We are inspiring

We inspire people and organisations to identify their aspirations and to reach their full potential by thinking creatively and testing innovative approaches.

We are Inclusive

We seek to learn from the rich cultural diversity of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland and to build cohesion across community groups and to remove barriers to people’s participation.

We are committed to learning and development

We continually review the community need and are agile enough to adapt and improve the services we offer to work in a mutually beneficial way with relevant organisations.

Our CYP team and work

We have combined our education, leaving care/NEET and homeless teams to form one CYP team. We are keen to develop and grow this work and are looking to build on and add to the many productive partnerships we have with businesses, community groups and schools across the city and county. We want to do more to target and work with disadvantaged CYP within schools and to think more creatively about how we can work with CYP outside of school and encourage them to identify and act on their concerns.

Our current education work has a strong focus on supporting CYP to develop understanding of and the skills to access the workplace this includes:

Interview technique programme running in 25 secondary schools where employee volunteers provide mock interviews and feedback to year eleven pupils.

Employability events in secondary schools which include speakers’ events, CV workshops and other careers related activities.

Numeracy and literacy, we support YP develop their literacy skills in 11 secondary schools as well as helping children in 40 primary schools to develop their numeracy skills. Both initiatives run on a weekly basis across the academic year.

Our work with looked after/car leaving and NEET CYP has focused on the 15 to 24 age groups and has been a combination of individual and group work, with a strong CYP focus, our emphasis being on helping these CYP develop the soft and hard skills that will enable them to transition to independence. This has included setting up one/two work placements with local companies for YP. We increasingly put a lot of emphasis on “listening to CYP” and encouraging them to play a very
active role in the way we develop, deliver and evaluate our work. As part of the YES project we work closely with 8 other community groups to support NEET CYP transition into education, training or employment.

Our homeless ness work is currently being redeveloped and we will target working with young homeless people as well as children and young people living in temporary or insecure accommodation.

We have funding from five different donors as well as “fees for service” income from secondary schools. The team currently consist of 5 development officers and one FT project support officer.

Main Responsibilities:

Project management and delivery

Lead and oversee development and delivery of a joined up work plan across the team that cascades into individual work plans, that clearly identify key goals, activities, outcomes, KPI’s and timelines.

Inspire, manage, supervise, coach and mentor team members to develop and deliver high quality high impact programmes and projects. When required address any performance management issues that arise.

Have a monthly recorded supervision session with each team member you supervise.

Ensure all team members understand and meet all internal and external reporting deadlines.

Play a key role in ensuring team are networking business, education, local government and community sector identifying and developing new business members and partners for Leicestershire Cares.

Pro-actively build relationships with key staff in schools, social services and community groups to ensure work runs smoothly and volunteers are supported and where appropriate CYP referred to our projects.

Manage the Leicestershire Cares employability programmes, liaising with schools and businesses, arranging and attending events as required.

Pro-actively build relationships with and support champions in member companies so that they are better able to encourage colleagues to support our work.

Support the Education Development Officer as required to ensure sufficient volunteers are provided for events in our partner schools.

As and when required with team develop and deliver training sessions for employee volunteers.

With team identify individual volunteers and firms who deserve to win Leicestershire Cares awards.

Seek to identify opportunities where work of team can add value to or benefit from the work of the Leicestershire cares community development, communications and operations team.

Pro actively seek to ensure work is carried out in an inclusive and participatory way and CYP have variety of opportunities to shape the development, delivery and evaluation of the work.

Ensure projects are kept updated and contribute to relevant local, regional and national policy and practice issues/debates.

Ensure all relevant HR, health and safety, equal opportunities, data protection and safeguarding issues are understood and acted on across the work of the projects. This will include ensuring all volunteers have a DBS check.

Project development.

Inspire, lead and coordinate the team to network, identify new strands of work and funding.

Seek to build strong relationships with relevant donor agencies and funding providers and develop and, submit new funding proposals.

Seek to join and build partnerships and coalitions that will enable Leicestershire Cares to develop new strands of work and further develop existing ones.

Work with Education staff to maintain existing and attract new fee for service partnership schools.

Administration and finance

Ensure all internal and external administration requirements are understood and implemented across the project.

Work with finance staff and relevant programme staff as required to ensure all internal and external financial reporting requirements are understood and implemented across the project.

Work with finance staff and CEO to develop, phase, monitor and revise annual budgets for work of CYP team.

As and when required work with finance staff and CEO to provide financial updates on the work of the CYP team and/or projects within it.

Planning, monitoring, evaluation, reporting and PR

Ensure team meet every months to discuss progress against work plans. This will involve analysing what is working, what is not and what action needs to be taken.

Supported by the Team Support Administrator, ensure donor reporting and record keeping requirements are understood across the projects, adhered to and all deadlines are met for internal and external stakeholders.

Ensure quarterly stats are collated and reported across the CYP team, with an annual report prepared at the end of each year for internal and external stakeholders.

As and when required provide “hard” and “soft” updates and case studies for CEO, board, current and potential donors.

Take lead in encouraging team to share learning arising from various projects to a wide range of audiences in a variety of formats such as written reports, website blogs, regular Tweets, presentations, group and one to one meetings.

As and when required liaise with local/national media and work with comms team on various PR work.

Provide an annual report.


With Head of Community and CEO play key role in ensuring work of Leicestershire Cares is joined up and strategies are in place to improve the effectiveness of the organisation.

Attend bi weekly Leicestershire Cares management meetings with CEO and Head of Community.

Work constructively as part of the Leicestershire Cares team and children and young people’s team, participating in team meetings, sharing relevant learning and collaborating on joint tasks as and when required.

Play an active role with other key staff in planning and delivering Leicestershire Cares week, two champions meetings, our annual awards ceremony and bi annual gala.

Understand and implement all relevant Leicestershire Cares admin, finance, HR, logistics, equal opportunities, health and safety, data protection and safeguarding policies.

As and when required take on additional duties and/or cover for colleagues as directed by the CEO.
Ensure that the highest standards of safeguarding are adhered to and implemented across the CYP team in line with Leicestershire Cares safeguarding policy.

Person Specification

Demonstrable experience of inspiring and leading people and teams to deliver change.

Demonstrable experience of performance management being able to support people to grow and to deal when required with underperformance issues.

Experience of working with disadvantaged children and young people in a participatory and empowering way and an analytical understanding of the many complex and overlapping issues that cause disadvantage.

Strong proven commitment to promoting equality and diversity in work and proven ability to work with culturally diverse groups.

Ability to organise and plan own work and that of your team with minimal supervision, being able to “juggle” competing demands, set work plans, meet deadlines, produce timely reports and monitor and evaluate impact.

A good understanding of a variety of monitoring and evaluation techniques and ability to produce analytical reports.

Experience of setting, phasing, revising and, managing budgets.

An entrepreneurial, inspiring “can do” flexible, problem solving attitude.

Excellent communicator with proven ability to network, make presentations and build effective working relationships and partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders in education, employability , social services, community, local government and the business sector.

Proven ability to develop new projects and initiatives and ability to write successful funding proposals.

The desire to work with the business sector so they are better able to understand and respond to the needs of disadvantaged CYP.

Strong commitment to ongoing reflection and learning.

Full driving licence and use of car. Mileage is paid at current rate of 45p per mile.

A team player, who is willing to reflect, learn, share and if required challenge.

Confident IT user at ease with Microsoft packages, proficient with Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

This post is subject to a check through the Disclosure and Barring Service.


A relevant professional qualification.

Experience of working within the business sector.

Experience of developing and delivering training sessions

Experience of working with volunteer

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