Successful Placement for Flying Fish

Waad was initially referred to the Flying Fish project in January. 

Since Waad started with Flying Fish he has shown promise. On his first work placement in Shoezone, Loughborough earlier this year he was highly praised on his hard work and focus by colleagues and customers alike.

Recently Waad started on his second placement of the year at Subway, Loughborough, another placement provider of ours. After just a few days at his placement Waad was offered a job as a Sandwich Artist, all down to his dedication and commitment, huge congratulations to Waad!

Beck, The manager of the Loughborough Subway store said ‘He is a fantastic, I knew he would fit in when we first met him. We are delighted to welcome him to the team at Subway’

Massive thank you to Beck and her team for the great support they have been so far to Leicestershire Cares.


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