Question – How do you make a room full of 14 year old pupils fall silent?

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Stephen Gould Speedy Speakers at Fullhurst Dec 17Answer – You invite Stephen Gould, Managing Director of Everards Brewery and Laura Turner, Disability Ambassador for Remploy to talk about employability skills!

Fullhurst Community College in Leicester welcomed the pair of Speedy Speakers and Year 9 students had the pleasure of learning and listening to two very powerful messages about their future journey from school into the world of work. The room was silent as Stephen and Laura shared their very personal messages.Laura Turner S Speakers Fullhurst Dec 17

Stephen shared his success in life, both professionally and personally and explained that being POLITE was the key! Polite being Practical, grabbing Opportunity, Listening, continuously Improving, collaborating within Teams and having a strong work Ethic.

Laura shared her experience of overcoming barriers both personally and in the world of work. She inspired pupils to “push those things aside” and be the very best that they can be, despite any challenges, big or small, that they may face.

Sue Mason, Leader of Enterprise and Employability at Fullhurst commented that both Stephen and Laura were “inspiring” and observed some thought provoking conversations that were taking place after the morning assembly.

If you would like to get involved in our employability based projects, please contact Gail Brown, Education Manager.

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