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Nylacast is regarded as a world leader in the development of engineered plastic solutions. Working with customers from the initial design stages to the end component, Nylacast can select the most performance-enhancing and value-adding material for the specific application needs. These plastic components will often replace metal parts in a range of industries such as Construction, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical and Food production, due to their corrosion-resistant, lightweight and high-strength properties, just to name a few.

Headquartered in Leicester for over 45 years and with over 320 employees across the 4 Leicester-based sites, Nylacast demonstrate long term focus and commitment to developing the skills and opportunities of both those within our dedicated workforce, and of those in the local community.

Most recently, Nylacast’s new Engineering Training Academy offers the opportunity to members from all areas of Nylacast, including new students and existing employees at all levels of their careers and working lives, in order to improve their skills and abilities.

Built on strong family values, Nylacast have participated in virtually all projects that Leicestershire Cares run including Collect 4 Christmas, the Coat Drive, Employability Project, Interview Technique sessions in schools, Flying Fish tours, Employ me project, work experience and Number Partners.


“Nylacast are very proud and fortunate to have a strong workforce which are always committed to supporting our community and charity engagements in one way or another, whether it be through monetary donations, donating coats or food packs, or giving up their time and lunch hours to help out. Some of the success stories that come through the initiatives that Leicestershire Cares offers are fantastic to see and as a company, we feel very privileged to be a part of them.”

Ian Mallabone, Group HR Manager


“Giving back to the local community is something the Nylacast team feel passionately about and through the continued hard work and determination of Leicestershire Cares we have been able to achieve this.

Participating in a recent Team Challenge to revamp a local children’s nursery located in the heart of Leicester, was a fantastic opportunity to see the physical change & positive results a small group of people can make by volunteering a small amount their time and effort”.

Sonia Dehal, Material Sales


“Helping to organise an extremely successful Charity Auction in support of Leicestershire Cares Collect 4 Christmas campaign, and knowing that the donations will really benefit those in need within the community, feels very rewarding and well worth the time and effort it took to organise such an event!”

Rebecca Fairhead, Marketing Assistant

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