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Everything we do is tailored with our client’s space in mind.

Our advice and service delivery solutions are customised to enable clients, their teams and customers to make the very most of the environment they work and live in; changing what we do in line with our clients’ evolving needs. We achieve this through our people and technology. We blend the best people, with the best systems, to provide the most intelligent, flexible and responsive FM offering that looks at things from a client’s point of view.

Bellrock operate in the corporate, education, healthcare and retail and leisure sectors and we create and implement bespoke solutions to improve performance and generate cost savings. Our transparent and flexible solution allows our clients to operate in the best environment so they can do what they do best and still have visibility to their estate.

We employ over 500 people across the UK, 200 at our main Leicester Office. For a number of years we have worked with Leicestershire Cares providing work placements for ex-offenders in conjunction with the Community Safety Project. Following successful work placements, a total of 15 individuals have been taken on in full time permanent employment.

After being selected as a finalist for Placement Provider of the Year in 2014, we hosted a visit from Leicestershire Cares accompanied by the High Sheriff of Leicestershire. He was particularly impressed with the positive impact created through the Community Safety Project and Bellrock.

Bellrock has also been involved with the initial setting up of Leicestershire Cares Employability Project, as well as interviewing techniques and mock interviews within prisons.

We are now working towards our first Team Challenge.

In the words of our employees (appointed to a permanent role following work placements through the Community Safety Programme): 

“I believe that Leicestershire Cares is a vital part of the community in terms of the assistance they give to individuals who find themselves in precarious and difficult situations. From my personal experience, they were never judgemental or offish with me and now I am working full time for an established facilities management company for over three years. The company is brilliant to work for and there are always staff members to assist you if needs be which is good for the working environment.  

I would and will recommend it to anyone who wishes to regain another start in life and to become an upstanding member of their community.”

“Leicestershire Cares and Bellrock have had a huge impact on my life. First of all Leicestershire Cares were kind enough to introduce me to Bellrock for two weeks’ work experience. Bellrock were part of the scheme that accepted individuals from Leicestershire Cares. This showed that Bellrock recognised that individuals should be given a 2nd chance. I think this should be applauded because not many companies do this.

After my 2 week work experience I was accepted for a full time job. This helped me immensely as I would have struggled to find work. Since then I have gained a lot of experience in this type of job in FM and also I now train all the new staff that join Bellrock helpdesk. So all in all, this has been extremely positive for me over the last four years and I would like to thank Leicestershire Cares and Bellrock for the opportunity they have given me. In particular I would like to thank my line manager for giving me the full time job in the first place, and for fully supporting me through the last four years.”

“No one would give me a chance but thanks to you guys and Bellrock, I have my life back” 

“Seven months and over 600 job applications later, I was introduced to Leicestershire Cares. Within the space of 3 weeks, Dennis and his team managed to find me a wonderful 2 week work placement at Bellrock. This was the opportunity that I needed to prove how much of an asset I could be. The people at Bellrock are non-judgemental and very fair. The environment is very friendly and you are instantly put at ease, within a week of being at Bellrock I was invited for an interview and offered a job!!! From thinking that I was of no use, to being able to once again provide for my family, this is something that I cannot justify in words. Leicestershire Cares do care; the team has a passion for fighting the corner of those who have a criminal conviction, their belief in the fact that people with convictions should not be forgotten is inspiring. I for one am extremely grateful. Thank you.”


“It is so rewarding to see the benefit each individual client obtains from a placement, including a boost in their self-esteem and confidence. There are also many advantages to the Company through the potential to employ highly motivated staff who often have made one slip in their life and just need to be given a chance. It also allows us to see an individual in action at work, with the chance of a permanent job. Bellrock is now working with its supply chain to adopt a similar commitment to corporate social responsibility.”

Lisa March, Human Resources Manager

 I am particularly proud of the work we do at Bellrock with Leicestershire Cares. It is so important that the business engages with its local community and also very rewarding when we are able to offer a permanent role to someone who has undertaken work experience at Bellrock.” 

Martin Holt, CEO

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