Established in 2007 (but with a heritage dating back to 1778) Aurum is the largest prestige and luxury jewellers in the UK and includes the Watches of Switzerland, Mappin & Webb, Goldsmiths, boutique.Goldsmiths and WatchShop brands within its portfolio.  The group is proud to be the largest distributor in the world of luxury brands such as Omega, Tag Heuer and Gucci.  It is also the UK’s largest distributor for Rolex, Cartier and Breitling.  At Aurum we pride ourselves on the excellent product range and unrivalled service that we provide across our brands.


We have a unique culture that supports and empowers our colleagues to reach their full potential and achieve the best they can, whilst also ensuring we deliver a World Class customer experience.  Our company values are central to achieving this: they create a framework for how we operate and therefore how we will achieve our goals.


Our continued success requires a real commitment to doing business responsibly.  For us, our commitment to corporate social responsibility is not only driven by good economics, but also by our sense of “doing the right thing”.  One of the ways we aim to meet our responsibilities is by making a positive difference to our local communities.


The best people want to do work that contributes both to their business goals and to society, where their actions count and their views really matter.  As Martin Luther King Junior said – The time is always right to do what is right.”


We employ over 300 people based at our offices in Leicester and over recent years our teams have undertaken a number of activities in partnership with Leicestershire Cares.  We feel that our teams gain as much from the experience of these challenges as the people they are helping.  The organisations we have supported have provided us with some unique insights into areas of our local community that we have previously been unaware of.


All of our volunteers have a real sense of achievement when they have taken part in a Leicestershire Cares project.  We believe that the experiences, the sense of fulfilment and the feeling of having contributed that our volunteers bring back with them is invaluable and adds immeasurably to our culture.  We look forward to sustaining our commitment and supporting future challenges with our local community.


This is what some of our team members have said about their Team Challenges:


“When we had finished I was proud to stand back and look at what we had achieved through the day and know that the children and the school would benefit from our hard work.”


“Having the opportunity to volunteer for Leicestershire Cares was brilliant.  Seeing the difference that one day, a small team of friends, a couple of brooms and a lick of paint can make is quite eye opening.  Not just in the physical sense, but to see what the time and effort means to those you are helping is heart-warming to say the least.”


“The owners of the Equestrian Centre work tirelessly to help children with learning difficulties, which is something very close to my heart, and it was great to give something back to both the owners and the all the children (and horses!) they help and care for on a daily basis.”


“The team worked well together in a totally different environment, each using different skill sets to their usual day to day work.  The challenge inspired and motivated individuals bringing different departments together creating a feel good factor within the business.”


And following our involvement with the Employability Project:


“A hugely rewarding experience to give the students in the school an insight about life in the working world.  We were really impressed with how engaged the students were both throughout the class room sessions and the Q&A at the end of the day.”

Richard Braybrook, Head of Retail Operations

“A very fulfilling and worthwhile experience.  To have an opportunity in a small way to potentially inspire and coach or future generation is something I’d recommend to anyone.  In our case, we at Aurum were trying to portray the link between values and a customer ethos and employability and some of the feedback afterwards was very rewarding”

Adam Moore, Customer Experience Manager

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