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Today is the start of our very first Leicestershire Cares Week where member businesses and schools have been invited to raise funds to support the important work that we do including helping school pupils, the homeless, care leavers and ex-offenders.

Events will be running every day this week with hundred’s of people taking part from staffing tea trollies to a sponsored silence. Directors are washing their staff’s cars and one business is raffling off an extra days holiday for one lucky winner.

We will be out and about visiting those taking part throughout the week and some of our own staff will be taking part in a sponsored 1,000 mile challenge organised by Nylacast.

“With the rise of austerity and cuts in various grants, we need to raise money so we can continue to run our much-needed projects. Our Theme for the week is ‘I care. We care. Leicestershire Cares” 

“Our member businesses are brilliant at enabling their staff to volunteer in many brilliant ways through our projects. Leicestershire Cares Week is also being generously supported by employees volunteering to raise money, by their colleague for donating and by their bosses for their encouragement.”

Kieran Breen, Chief Executive Leicestershire Cares







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