Interview Technique at The Samworth Enterprise Academy

On 17th January, 12 volunteers interviewed 75 students at The Samworth Enterprise Academy in Leicester. The event ran very well with the following comments from students:

“My mock interview went really well, I didn’t believe that I was confident however she made me believe otherwise. I have learnt not to worry, keep eye contact and as long as I try, that’s all I can do. I am now more confident and I know in the future that I have potential” – Amie Hawksley

“I think my mock interview went well. My interviewer was friendly and kind, I felt a little nervous at the start but her genuine approach towards the interview calmed me down and it felt as if I were talking to a friend. I have learnt how to approach interviews in the future when applying for college or jobs and what questions to expect. This will help me to be confident during interviews to leave a lasting impression” – Jessica Skidmore

Feedback from the school was also positive, with Rebecca Tooth at the school saying: “Thank you for making out pupils feel comfortable and for giving up your time to enable our pupils to have this experience. It is an invaluable experience that supports pupils in interview techniques and preparation for their futures”

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