Interview Technique – Keyham Lodge

With our continued aim to ensure that every young person in Leicestershire has access to a one-to-one mock interview, we conducted the second of our smaller Interview Technique events at Keyham Lodge School on 19th January.

Four volunteers interviewed nine fabulous students who did a wonderful job impressing the volunteers with their attitude and enthusiasm. This was after a long morning assisting in mock interviews for another whole year group at another school nearby! A huge thank you to our four volunteers: Louise, Andy, Robert and Mark.

“’Students were extremely nervous about this process, but have come out feeling a lot better and more confident’’ !’’ – Mark Sampson, Deputy Head

‘’I now feel confident that I understand what to do and what not to do. Try not to suggest negatives and remain positive’’ – Keenan, Student

‘’This has made me feel more confident, and good about myself’’– Aidan, Student


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