Interview Technique at Beaumont Leys School

On 22nd January, 21 volunteers interviewed 197 students at Beaumont Leys School in Leicester. One of our member companies, Nylacast, also conducted 7 engineering apprenticeship interviews alongside the normal interviews! The event ran well, with our special thanks going to Anastasia Price, Nera Moore, James Tilley and George Shajan for helping support the event. Comments from the students included:

“I had a really good time when talking to Lisa at my mock interview. She was a lovely lady who made me feel really comfortable and at ease. We spoke a lot about the future and how the job she thought she wanted to do is not the one she is doing now. I feel like I am more prepared for interviews in the future now” – Melissa McCorkindale

“This mock interview was a great to help as the person who interviewed me gave me feedback on how I performed and what I could improve on. I now know what I need to do at my college interview” – Bethanie Holyoak

“This interview was a great opportunity for me to received feedback and advice as I wasn’t fully confident to what I wanted to do. However, now I am more aware of the advantages and disadvantages of what I would like to do” – Jokha Abbas

“My mock interview was OK, it helped my confidence. I heave learnt that I just have to be myself. It will help me in the future because now I have an idea of how it will go” – Lacy Beckett

“I found the mock interview very interesting, it was great to get feedback that will benefit me in my college interview and see what was both good and bad about my interview skills. Overall, I believe I have really benefitted from this experience and I know that I will help me in the future to improve my techniques and skills as an interviewee” – Jeena Mistry

Daniel Hodgkinson, Head of Year 11 at the school, said of the event: “From all at Beaumont Leys School, thank you volunteers for your time. I appreciate any feedback. Lovely people, fantastic organisation and an invaluable experience for all involved”

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