Employability at New College & Golden Heart #41

The 17th September saw Leicestershire Cares Employability Project roll out at another city school. 156 students  at New College Leicester spent the day taking part in workshops for skills, team work and customer services. New College Leicester is the 2nd school to take part in the project and was the first to get the whole year group involved on one day – a big logistical challenge!

Gail Brown, Education Coordinator for Leicestershire Cares, said of the event, “A huge thank you to our member companies: Aurum, Nylacast, Bellrock, Alltruck, Leicester City Council, National Grid and Sytner – for such a fantastic day. They all worked really hard not only to deliver the sessions but all the preparation that went into it beforehand. Although it was a challenge to organise, the project provided a fantastic opportunity for a range of businesses to work together to deliver the workshops”.

Combined with this project, companies also provided some of the students with tours, work experience opportunities and CV workshops within their businesses after the event.

Feedback from students at New College included:

  • It has helped because it has given us a better understanding of what work is like and what is expected and looked for in an employee.
  • Now I know what other people do and about their jobs, I know what kind of job I want to do.
  • It was fun because we took part in different activities like building a raft with Nylacast and presenting our skills with Leicester City Council which helped me a lot.
  • Although it was slightly long and tiring, it was interesting and I have taken a lot in and on board. The thing that I took on board is different ways and good way to communicate correctly and how to respond politely.

Our special thanks also go to Sancha Wallis, Head of Careers and Personal Development at New College Leicester, for her organisation and support on the day. Sancha was presented with our coveted Golden Heart award after the event.

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