Case Study: Reece

Reece was referred to the Community Safety project at Leicestershire Cares in June 2013 and was interviewed and accepted whilst in Glen Parva YOI.   He knew he would find it difficult to gain employment despite his willingness and really wanted to work within the catering industry as this was where his previous employment experience had been.

An interview was arranged for Reece with Leicestershire County Council’s catering department the following month.  He was successful in his interview there and was offered a two week work placement with them. Shortly after the interview, Reece sustained a broken collar bone whilst playing rugby and was advised to rest for six weeks.  The Council kindly put his placement on hold until he fully recovered.

During Reece’s recovery, he attended a mock interview at NMBS. This experience improved his confidence in interview situations immensely.  Vicky March (Operations Manager for NMBS) who interviewed him, gave very positive feedback in all aspects of his interview.

Once he had recovered from his injury, Reece started his work placement with in the catering department in September and had successfully completed the placement by the end of that month. Shortly after, a vacancy became available in the catering department and Reece decided to apply.  He was successful in securing full time employment with them after having to perform his skills in a ‘cook off’ after the interview.  They told him he was the best they’d had on that run!

Unfortunately, due to the lack of documentation to evidence his right to work in the country, the Council could not accept him onto their payroll.  He worked voluntarily for them for the next 2½ months whilst securing the necessary documents and evidence he needed.

Reece became a fully paid employee of Leicestershire County Council on 16th December 2013.

Reece said: “I can’t thank people enough for the support I have had, but above all Phil Smith for giving me a chance”


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