Community Safety Case Study – Curtis

Curtis was initially  referred to the Community Safety Project in February 2015 with the desire to become a forklift truck driver.

Curtis then undertook Leicestershire Cares’ five week programme, starting with a 2 week work placement at Pochin, a week of training and tests and another 2 week work placement, at Colton Packaging to gain practical experience on forklift trucks.

His Probation Officer, Suzanne Kitching took Curtis back in front of the court to review his licence.  Curtis stood up in court and praised his Probation Officer and Leicestershire Cares for their amazing support and they agreed to revoke his licence.

He has gained a highly skilled position and changed his life, with the help of Suzanne Kitching; Leicestershire Cares; Pochin; Colton Packaging and all those other individuals who stood by and supported him.


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